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Working with Executives and/or HR leaders in medium to large companies on specific Organization Development and Talent challenges.

Chris Palmer is an executive leader and coach who has operated on a global scale as a Human Resources executive in large industrial and consumer goods enterprises.  He brings deep experience in leadership development, succession management (up to and including C-Level / Board positions), organization development, M&A, and international HR. 


Effective People


Succession Planning, 

Executive Assessment & Talent Reviews

  • Proactively size up your leadership team in anticipation of future needs

    • New leader, new business goals

    • Post-merger integration

    • Filling the gap after or anticipation of key departures


  • Working in the absence of a talent management team, or as support to an under-resourced HR team – I will lead the end to end talent management processes through an annual business cycle and build the team’s capability to manage talent going forward.  


and M&A Integration

Doing the right deal, with the right financial terms is the most important determinant in a successful acquisition.  


The right financial terms are usually based on assumptions of a successful post-merger integration of critical workflows across the enterprise.  


I bring deep experience in integrating the workflows that affect the people having worked in acquisitive environments for my entire career (ranging from $10M to $13B deals).  I work with acquiring entities on:

  • Organization and governance structure

  • Key Talent Assessment and Retention strategies

  • HR Processes & Organization

  • Cultural Integration

  • Internal Communications

I’ll help build capability in an organization to lead better, and I’ll bring helpful, scalable tools that are impactful and easy to deploy.
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