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​Accelerating Team Performance and Execution

  • ​​Team facilitation

  • Strategy setting and alignment workshops

  • Team dynamics – improving team communication and collaboration

  • M&A – integrating management cultures

  • Getting work done at the right level

Executive Search Strategy, Execution, and successfully launching Newcomers

According to multiple studies, including HBR and the Corporate Leadership Council around 50% of executive new hires fail within 18 months.  The transactional cost of a failure is enormous – the damage inside your organization and to your customers can be catastrophic.  


The impact of a successful outside hire however can be a game changer – and almost every executive I’ve known has at some point wanted to bring in an outsider to their team.  I’ve worked with CEO’s to do this well throughout my career – it takes a lot of work, preparation, and courage to do it right.

  • It starts with being clear on what you want to accomplish to figure out the right skills, experience, and behaviors to look for (not just replacing an incumbent with similar or attractive profile)

  • Selecting the right executive recruiter to do the search and keeping them on track

  • Skillfully interviewing the candidate and references

  • Strategically closing the deal with terms that everyone feels good about

  • Assimilating the new executive with peers, their team, and customers

  • Maintaining momentum and course-correcting

I work with my clients from start to finish, including coaching the new executive through the critical first 12 months.
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