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Professional HR Mentoring

Given my success as a HR executive, with a track record of developing HR leaders, there is a natural extension of my Executive Coach work to work with established and aspiring HR leaders.   This work blends my experiences as coach, and as an advisor to HR professionals.  There is typically some work around leadership and behavior, but inevitably the client asks to tap into my specific experience for advice, opinion, and guidance.  I enjoy this work, and an added benefit for the client is they become a part of my professional HR network with access to myself and my network far beyond the scope of any Advisory Services.  

Example HR Advisory assignments include:

  • HR Transformation Strategy development and getting buy-in (from line management and HR team

  • Assessment and Development of HR team members

  1. Growing your team

  2. Getting entrenched team members to update skills, behaviors, and comfortable with new HR models and expectations

  • HR organization design

  • Positioning HR strategies to get executive buy-in and resources

  • Developing a career path – getting to the CHRO role

  • Building capability in functional expertise the HR leader has less experience or directly responsibility for (e.g. Total Rewards, Recruiting, Talent Management, HR Operations / business services)

  • Shifting HR into Strategic Change Management leadership at pivotal times for the business

As a CHRO I operated as an influential HR business leader designing and executing human capital strategies that enabled the significant growth in revenue, profit, and sustainability.
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