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of CEOs say that employee performance is a key concern.

The same study shows that team cohesion has dropped by 10% since last year. 

As a leader, there are more demands than ever on your time, your attention, and your energy.

The Facts
Work towards the Double Win Achieve a better life, and better work! 

If you're a senior leader, you know that the increasing complexity at work has created an environment where employee performance, team cohesion and personal satisfaction with one's career are drastically impacted. 


Facing these new challenges and focusing your attention on developing sustainable strategies for effective solutions is crucial for business growth.

But where to start?

I'm Chris Palmer

Experienced Executive and Executive Coach.

I work with people to be the best version of the leader they want to be by:

Developing leadership behaviors aligned with their values


Paying attention to and working on the right things on a daily, weekly and longer-term basis


Working towards the Double Win – achieving a better life, and better work!

Let's Start A Conversation.

Work With Me
Chris has been a reliable “thought partner” for years – he’s helped me get unstuck several times.

- CEO of publicly traded company

Business Meeting


In over 3 decades of cutting-edge corporate life, I know the challenges senior leaders face. Knowing how to lead effectively, develop effective teams and retain talent are some of the challenges I am very familiar with.

Having worked with Fortune 500 companies for over 3 decades I know the pleasure and the pressure in these senior roles – I’ve been there. 


Today, I can help you spend time and effort on leadership challenges that drive results. 

Let's work together if you need a thought partner and a solution builder.

Chris Palmer


Your success in business is my focus.

I deeply respect leaders. I appreciate how hard the role can be at times of rapid change, and how great the personal rewards are. Every aspiring leader I’ve met has a sense of service to help others, grow talent and reach higher goals. 


During my time as a leader I learned about all the challenges that come with the role. I once had an executive recruiter categorize me as "deals with Big Companies, Big Problems, and Big People." I wasn't sure how to take that comment, but several years later I have to confess that is accurate. 

This all comes together for me in my work - my effectiveness in listening, challenging, encouraging, trusting and supporting senior executives. 


Find out more about how I can help you master the challenges of the increasing complexity of a rapidly changing work environment.


I’ll help executives build capability in an organization to lead better, and I’ll bring helpful, scalable tools that are impactful and easy to deploy.

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