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Chris Palmer is the President of Chris Palmer Leadership, LLC – a Charleston-based advisory firm specializing in executive, organization and team development.  


During his 30-year corporate career, he held responsibilities on a global scale with extensive experience in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.  His executive experience includes executive roles for Volvo Cars, Alstom, and Lafarge. 


As a CHRO, he has managed major decisions about executive talent and succession while being a member of the decision apparatus about global organizational structures. The breadth of Chris’ experience provides him a unique perspective and deep insights into the executive psyche, the keys to executive leadership, how great teams are built and managed as well as how large global enterprises successfully manage significant change initiatives.


An MBA graduate from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management, he also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Kettering University.


Chris Palmer is also a Certified Executive Coach (ATCP)  through the University of Texas at Dallas and Marshall Goldsmith.



Benefit from the experience of a ​CHRO and Fortune 500 Executive


Thinking Partner for Goal Achievement for Individuals & Teams

Chris’ own experience allows him to be credible with prospective clients.  He has a clear understanding of the challenges, career stallers, and developmental paths for varied levels within an organization … he relates to and empathizes with staff at all levels.

- CEO – Strategic Advisory firm


In over 3 decades of cutting-edge corporate life, I know how to lead senior executives, how to select and grow them.

I know a lot about effective teams and I can help you spend your own time and efforts on leadership challenges that drive results.  I know the pleasure and the pressure in these senior roles – I’ve been there.  I’m a thought-partner as a coach and a solution builder as an advisor and strategy partner

Chris Palmer



I loved my time as a leader of big teams and all the challenges that come with that.  I once had an executive recruiter categorize me as “deals with Big Companies, Big Problems, and Big People”.  To me, all leaders are “Big People” regardless of the size of their team or business.  The truth is I deeply respect leaders and appreciate how hard the role can be, and how great the personal rewards are.  Every aspiring leader I’ve met has a sense of service to help others reach their goals and that just brings out the best in me. 

I like to succeed in business and be part of other’s people’s success.

This all comes together for me in my work - my effectiveness in listening, challenging, encouraging, trusting and supporting senior executives. 

I’ll help build capability in an organization to lead better, and I’ll bring helpful, scalable tools that are impactful and easy to deploy.
Chris is a great HR leader, but his real talent is helping organizations uncover and seriously grow top talent.

- CEO of a privately held company

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